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A fierce creative intelligence... Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark’s newest major commercial gallery

...the largest commercial art space under one roof in North America. maverick Rupert Ravens opened his gallery at 85 Market Street in Newark.
Every time I go there, I don’t want to leave. Picture Macy’s, or Harrods, but all art.
Floor after floor of amazing, tantalizing, seductive, groundbreaking art by a carefully selected spectrum of artists.


RRC - Gallery

1) The Star Ledger,
Where Pucks and Palettes Call Home
- Mark Di Ionno

James Andrew Brown
Jimmy Got Soul: Stop the Violence

1) The Star Ledger,
Turned on and tuned in
- Dan Bischoff

Sanctuary 2007 -
73 Artists, Inaugural Exhibit

1) The Star Ledger,
Art vs sports: galleries flourish in arena's wake
- Dan Bischoff

2) Gay City News,
Meet At The Fair
- Frank Holliday

3) A Show of Small Works,
and a Group Sampler
- Benjamin Genocchio

Singularity in the Communal Tide 2007
- 31 Artists in 20,000 sq ft

1) View Catalogue Here

2) NYTimes,
Tougher Than the Rest
- Benjamin Genocchio

3) The Star Ledger,
Small space big talent
- Dan Bischoff

4) Video Review,
The Guy on the Bike
- James Kalm Report

with 2 minute curator interview

Newark Between Us 2006 -
97 Artists in 30,000 sq ft of space

1) Newark Between Us
Sculpture Magazine
- December 2007

2) Newark Between Us
- Announcement Card

3) Newark Between Us
- List of artworks and installations

Newark Between Us
- Miriam Brumer

5) NYTimes,
A Showcase of Talent,
Homegrown and Established
- Benjamin Genocchio

6) The Star Ledger,
Best of 2006: ART
- Dan Bischoff

7) The Star Ledger,
Studio Tour unites locals and stars
- Dan Bischoff

8) The Star Ledger,
Open door policy
- Dan Bischoff

Art Basel Miami 2006 - 2 Venues

Bridge Art Fair 9 Artists
Grendel, At The Old Green Supermarket
21 artists - 5,000 sq ft installation

1) NY Arts,
Top Ten Miami Beach
- Gae Savannah

2) dART International,
Doing Miami, again
- D. Dominick Lombardi

3) ARTINFO, Art Basel Miami:
Offbeat Highlights from the Fair Trail,
- Margery Gordon

4) Brooklyn Rail,
Art Basel Miami 2006: Fair Market Values
- James Kalm

Fear is a Four Letter Word 2007
Omega Institute

1) Fear is a Four Letter Word

Facing Newark 2005 -
Installation Exhibition -
31 Artists in 22,500 sq ft of space

1) Facing Newark
- Announcement Card

2) Facing Newark
- (images of installations)

3) The Star Ledger, Ten exhibits worth seeing
- Dan Bischoff

Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center 2005
- Sponsor/Curator

Buckminster Fuller and Black Mountain College

2) Winston Salem Journal,
The Man With the Ideas
- Tom Patterson

Buckminster Fuller Photographs On View